Agriport A7‘s concept includes the creation of sustainable closed loop cycles for residuals and by-products ideally amongst the companies in the park and/or close-by municipalities and their businesses. They actively encourage these collaborations, and stimulate the atmosphere between companies and for example NGOs to foster new partnerships.
A major action point is the use of solar and photovoltaic systems. Greenhouses in Agriport A7 try to use less lights at night. In addition the greenhouses produce quite a bit of energy, which feeds into the central energy system of the business park, so the greenhouses basically (partly) power the business park.

For Crown of Holland this means that the cocoa shells – a waste product of cocoa processing with however still high nutritional value – are sold to (local) farmers as animal feed additive. On the roof of the office block, a photovoltaic system has recently been installed which is designed to power the offices adjacent to the factory.
A long-term plan is it to use the thermal discharge from the factory to heat up the greenhouses in return – creating a perfect cycle, a set-up that has unfortunately not been completed to date.