Tradin Organic Announces Sponsorship of 2014 World Cocoa Conference

27 January 2014

Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V. (“Tradin Organic”), headquartered in Amsterdam and part of the SunOpta International & Supply segment, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the World Cocoa Conference 2014. The conference event takes place in Amsterdam in 2014, and hence fits perfectly with the recent begin of operations at Crown of Holland, Tradin Organic’s cocoa processing facility in November 2013. The World Cocoa Conference will attract an audience of 800 professionals in Cocoa from all over the world.

Gerard Versteegh, president of Tradin Organic commented; “We have been active in organic cocoa since the 1980s, when we set up a first organic cocoa farming project in Dominican Republic, in close collaboration with Conacado. With such an international event taking place in 2014 in Amsterdam, it is crucial for us to ensure that the organic sector of cocoa is represented next to other certifications.”

The company has been involved long enough to witness organic cocoa programs introduced in the 1990s that taught Peruvian coca farmers how to grow alternative crops, amongst them cocoa and coffee. Gerard Versteegh adds; “Origins such as Peru and Dominican Republic have seen their rise in the cocoa world through the introduction of such organic and specialty cocoa programs and the growing demand for fine flavor and organic cocoa.” Around these invaluable experiences, Tradin Organic built an extensive global network of suppliers and partners in cocoa and other agricultural products, which lead to the establishment of their own cocoa processing facility, focusing predominantly on organic cocoa derivatives. Tradin Organic is also sponsoring the IFOAM – EU Group in 2014, as their efforts in lobbying for organic agriculture in Brussels are vital to their industry.

The new factory Crown of Holland is operational since November 2013 and located 40km north of Amsterdam’s port, known as the world’s no. 1 cocoa port, in a sustainable business park, Agriport A7. The plant has been built using the latest in environmentally friendly building materials and technologies. A vital element of Agriport A7’s concept is the stimulation of sustainable closed-loop systems of re-use of residuals and by-products amongst the companies, which aligns perfectly with Tradin Organic’s sustainability principles.




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