Our supplier of Dominican Republic cocoa beans, Conacado, is one of largest organic cocoa cooperatives in the world and one of the top three cocoa exporters in the Dominican Republic.

Conacado was founded in 1988 and quickly became a leader throughout the world in production and exportation of certified organic and Fair Trade cocoa beans. In 2008, Conacado invested in cocoa processing capabilities to provide its customers with processed cocoa ingredients such as cocoa nibs, powder, and butter. Selling between 6,500-13,300 MT of cocoa annually, Conacado makes up 25% of the national market for cocoa.

Formed by 10,000 farmers, Conacado focuses on bettering the life of its associated farmers and their communities. Since 1995, they have offered Fair Trade and organic certified cocoa products, which ensures the farmers receive top dollar for their cocoa beans and protects the longevity of their farmland. Fair Trade premiums for Conacado’s cocoa products provide funding for community projects such as scholarships, school supplies, health clinics for farmers, and women’s group project to produce various specialty cocoa products.



The cocoa beans at Conacado are grown sustainably under the shade of larger native trees as well as native vegetation to help protect the fertile soil and natural landscape of the region. Conacado continues to pioneer the most up-to-date post-harvesting technology and practices. They enact the most advanced quality control systems, and they continually reinvest in the sustainability of their infrastructure, community, farmers, and farmlands.

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